Wellcome Trust: Evaluation of the Wellcome CPD Challenge (2018-2021) icon

Wellcome Trust: Evaluation of the Wellcome CPD Challenge (2018-2021)

CFE Research is undertaking a longitudinal process and impact evaluation of the Wellcome CPD Challenge. This involves 40 primary, secondary and special schools across Sheffield and Rotherham working towards all teachers undertaking a minimum of 35 hours of high-quality, predominantly subject-specific CPD annually. Wellcome believes that such a requirement for all teachers regardless of the subject they teach will transform the quality of teaching, including science teaching, and significantly improve pupil outcomes across all subjects.

The evaluation explores attitudes towards CPD from both teachers and leaders at all stages of their careers, how the Wellcome CPD Challenge is being implemented within schools, the volume of CPD undertaken by individual teachers (and the extent to which this increases as a result of the Challenge), and outcomes and impacts at both the individual and school level.

Evidence is collected through an annual evaluation survey disseminated to all teaching staff within schools, monitoring and management data comprising a termly log of CPD activity completed by all teaching staff on a real-time basis, and a series of case studies and depth interviews with a cross-section of schools to further explore findings.

Our first interim report ‘Progress towards the Wellcome CPD Challenge indicated the significant progress that participating schools have made towards ensuring staff access a minimum of 35 hours of quality CPD since joining the Challenge. The evaluation findings are being used by Wellcome to support their advocacy work to ensure teachers and technicians have access to regular, high-quality continuing professional development throughout their career so that they can improve student learning.

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Key project contact

Sarah Leonardi

Sarah joined CFE in 2007.

With particular expertise in the design, delivery and analysis of surveys including online, computer-assisted and postal approaches, she has also considerable practical experience of mixed-method evaluation methods including qualitative methods and secondary data approaches, and works across the education, wellbeing and economy strands of CFE.

Contact: sarah.leonardi@cfe.org.uk