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Transition to headship evaluation and impact study

An evaluation of the impact of the roll out stage of the redesigned National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) and Head Start Programmes was undertaken. NPQH was designed for aspiring Headteachers and it was mandatory to hold the qualification in order to apply for a first headship role in the maintained sector at the time of the evaluation. The Head Start programme involved a support package for new Headteachers that included leadership development activities such as peer support and online materials.The evaluation spanned three years (ending in May 2013) and was used to determine the impact of the programmes in two principal areas: the leadership skills and capabilities of trainees; and the wider outcomes and impacts of the programme for children and young people. A mixed methodological approach was used including participant online and CATI surveys, depth interviews, a data review, and visits to delivery centres. The core element of the evaluation methodology was a longitudinal survey across three sampling points which was developed to evaluate the impact of the programmes.

During the delivery, the evaluation team had to adapt the methodology owing to changes in the qualification no longer being mandatory and the introduction of a new qualification to replace the NPQH. CFE gathered just over 4,000 survey submissions (obtained from both online and CATI methods) with longitudinal tracking of 410 respondents across all three sampling points; just under 100 qualitative consultations with a range of stakeholders including trainees, Headteachers, coaches, chair of governors, delivery partners and other key stakeholders; site visits; and secondary data analysis. The data was used to enable us to triangulate views on what impact the programmes had on trainee heads and which elements had the most impact in key areas.

The final report can be accessed here:

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Key project contact

Hayley Lamb

Hayley became Managing Director in June 2020 having spent over ten years working at CFE. She is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation working closely with the wider executive team. Hayley leads CFE’s work in the area of wellbeing, and has particular expertise in the role that physical activity and sport can play in the achievement of social outcomes. She regularly works with policy-makers, sector bodies, and delivery organisations to understand ‘what works’ in increasing and sustaining physical activity for adults and young people – both overall and amongst specific target groups. Hayley also has a wealth of expertise in issues relating to teacher supply, including the impact of leadership development programmes and continuing professional development for leaders and teachers in school settings both at the individual and whole-school level. CFE’s studies have directly informed the design of government policy including the reformed National Professional Qualification delivery model.