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Office for Students: Student information use and behaviour

An update to our 2014 Advisory Study has been published by the Office for Students. The 2014 report summarised research evidence on information-seeking and decision-making processes involved in thinking about higher education. This new report updates what is known about how prospective students find information to decide whether and what to study. The findings will help the Office for Students to support better provision of information, advice and guidance about studying higher education.

The original 2014 study is available here:

Read our new update report here:

Access the OfS response here: 

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Key project contact

Dr Sarah Tazzyman

Sarah has a wealth of evaluation experience and policy knowledge in the field of higher education with particular expertise in access and participation, part-time learning, financial support, doctoral study, and science education. Her research portfolio at CFE involves a range of longitudinal, mixed-methods evaluation projects including the national impact evaluation of the Office for Students’ Uni Connect programme, which aims to reduce the gap in higher education participation and support young people to make informed decisions about their future education. Sarah’s work informs HE policy makers, providers and other sector bodies including the National Strategy for Access and Student Success.