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Doncaster Council: Local Delivery Pilot Evaluation (2019-2021)

The Doncaster Local Delivery Pilot (LDP) is one of 12 Sport England-funded projects designed to test place-based behaviour change approaches to tackling physical inactivity. Central to this is the acknowledgement that long-term, sustained change requires action to address all influences on physical inactivity which are experienced at different levels – individual, social environment, organisations, institutions, physical environment and policy. The pilots are not about individual interventions at a project level; they are driving change at scale by changing the physical activity system.

Led by a core team at Doncaster Council, the Doncaster LDP aims to achieve two main outcomes: systems change and increased physical activity among residents. Systems change is intended to enhance capacity for the strategic leadership of physical activity by both strengthening and expanding the network and challenging partners to proactively and autonomously consider how they can enhance physical activity levels in their day-to-day work. Those for whom physical activity is not a core responsibility are integral to this approach, as are communities who are empowered to take responsibility for addressing barriers to physical activity in their areas. It is underpinned by the premise that success against these objectives will result in population change in terms of increased physical activity amongst residents.

CFE Research is working in partnership with associates Nick Cavill, Mike Parker and Professor Jenny Roberts to undertake a process and impact evaluation that assesses the extent to which the LDP achieves its short-term objectives. This involves assessing the extent to which the council is embedding physical activity within all strands of its work to bring about increased participation levels (alongside wider, associated outcomes including education, employment and health), and capturing the learning along the way. It includes drawing upon depth interviews and case studies, Social Network Analysis, a policy audit, surveys and polls administered through our specifically commissioned Residents’ Panel, and analysis of Active Lives to measure increases in physical activity levels both within Doncaster and a comparator. Our Baseline Report summarises the position for systems change and population outcomes against which progress will be determined.

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Key project contact

Sarah Leonardi

Sarah joined CFE in 2007.

With particular expertise in the design, delivery and analysis of surveys including online, computer-assisted and postal approaches, she has also considerable practical experience of mixed-method evaluation methods including qualitative methods and secondary data approaches, and works across the education, wellbeing and economy strands of CFE.