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Community Sport Activation Fund Evaluation

CSAF represents an investment of £47.5 million of National Lottery revenue by Sport England into local projects which aim to increase and sustain once-a-week participation in sport for people aged 14 and above. It is hoped that the projects will not only generate a sustained increase in the number of people who regularly take part in sport within local geographical areas, but also that said project will contribute to the achievement of a wide range of other locally determined outcomes. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess and report on its impact, and provide an evidenced understanding of the processes and mechanisms by which the outcomes that they set out to achieve have been realised or not. This evaluation will create an understanding of what works, how and in what context so that the programme can improve. The evaluation will focus on the four main objectives: To estimate the impact of the CSAF programme on regular participation in sport, to quantify the impact of particular CSAF projects on sporting and other local outcomes, to find out what works, how, in what context and for whom and to communicate the evidence effectively to optimise its influence on policy and practice. This project involves a combination of longitudinal surveys with project leads and participants, alongside case studies, depth interviews and calculation of SROI.

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Key project contact

Sarah Leonardi

Sarah joined CFE in 2007.

With particular expertise in the design, delivery and analysis of surveys including online, computer-assisted and postal approaches, she has also considerable practical experience of mixed-method evaluation methods including qualitative methods and secondary data approaches, and works across the education, wellbeing and economy strands of CFE.