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Assessment against NHS outcomes framework

Enhancing the quality of life of people with long-term conditions and mental illness is a key objective of the National Health Service Outcomes Framework. Employment is regarded as playing a vital role and helping individuals with health problems to find and retain work are key priorities. The Department of Health commissioned CFE Research in partnership with health economists from the Universities of Sheffield, Manchester and York to undertake research to investigate the relationship between health and employment. The aim of this two-stage project was to understand the impact of health and social care systems and interventions, as well as other external drivers, on the employment outcomes for those with long-term physical health conditions and mental illness.

The first stage involved a review of relevant existing literature. The report summarises the evidence on the impact of health and social care systems on the employment of individuals with long-term conditions, the relative effectiveness of different health interventions, and the other factors that can influence the working patterns and employment outcomes of people with long-term conditions.

Stage two made extensive use of publically-available data including labour market outcome and health status information from the quarterly Labour Force Survey (LFS), health expenditure information from the NHS programme budgeting data, social care expenditure data from the social services departments of Council with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs) and ONS data on local unemployment rates, wages and benefits data. The analysis explored the contribution of the health and social care system to the ‘employment gap’, that is, the employment rate for the total population minus the employment rate for those with a long-term physical and mental health conditions. Econometric methods were used in the analysis which took account of other factors that may also be expected to influence this gap, such as local labour market conditions and the welfare system.

Download the reports here:

Econometric Modelling of the Employment Gap

Employment outcomes for people with long term conditions

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Key project contact

Lindsey Bowes

Lindsey joined CFE in 2008 and has been a member of the executive team since 2014. She has an established track record in the fields of higher education and career guidance, and particular expertise in access and participation, student financial aid and student decision-making. Lindsey regularly works with policy makers, sector bodies and higher education providers to understand the effectiveness and impact of national programmes. Her research has informed policy at a local and national level including the National Strategy for Access and Student Success and the careers strategy: Making the most of everyone’s skills and talents. Lindsey also supports the access and participation community to develop its capacity to evaluate the impact of its work.