Terms of Business

Calculation of Fees and Other Charges

Fees for professional services are calculated on the time spent by CFE staff attending to the service that CFE has agreed to provide. Time is costed by day rate units. The day rate is applied to all work done for the client. Before any bills are sent our clients, the Project Manager responsible will ensure that the fees and other charges are appropriate.

Invoicing Arrangements

Invoicing occurs at the end of each month or at intervals agreed with the client and included in signed contract or letter of engagement. Invoices are payable within 30 days of the date of the invoice. All invoices are subject to and include VAT.

Non Payment

If a client does not pay the invoice or does not comply with request for payment within 30 days after the invoice is sent, CFE may immediately stop work for the client.


If the contract is terminated at any time the client will be liable for all work fees incurred up to that time and other reasonable charges that may be incurred by CFE.