Optimising results from research and evaluation findings

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Qualitative research

Our highly skilled qualitative researchers can help you to gain a deep and clear understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations for particular views and behaviours.

Our qualitative work includes:

  • telephone and face-to-face in-depth interviews
  • stakeholder consultations
  • focus groups (face-to-face and online)
  • mini consultation groups
  • deliberative techniques, such as citizen’s juries
  • ethnographically informed fieldwork, such as participant observation

Our experience and knowledge spans a multitude of sectors, and we regularly engage and consult with individuals of all ages, all socio-demographics and with all levels of professional expertise.

We are experienced in engaging ethically and sensitively with:

  • black and minority ethnic groups
  • prisoners and ex-offenders
  • victims of crime
  • people with mental health issues, disabilities or a history of substance misuse
  • vulnerable adults and children

Our approach

Our creative, exploratory approach to qualitative research allows us to reveal our target audience’s range of behaviours and offers insight into their perceptions.

We use a range of qualitative techniques to explore the meanings that people attach to actions, decisions, beliefs, values and to help explain how respondents make sense of, and interpret, the world around them and what influences their behaviours.

Integrating economic, sociological and psychological concepts and theories, we can improve the descriptive and analytical power of our qualitative research outputs, which helps us to predict the likely impact of new policies.

Other areas of expertise

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Identifying outcomes and impact though detailed expert analysis.

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Quantitative research

Achieving significant results using innovative data collection methods.

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Data analysis

Interpreting your data to deliver meaningful insight.

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Infographics and data visualisation

Bringing data to life through inspiring visual presentation.

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Behavioural insight research icon

Behavioural insight research

Influencing behaviour through intelligent insights.

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Evidence and literature reviews icon

Evidence and literature reviews

Exploring existing evidence to inform new ideas.

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Learning and engagement

Optimising results from research and evaluation findings.

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