Optimising results from research and evaluation findings

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Learning and engagement

Research and results can only have an impact if they’re used to make positive changes and engage the right people to make these changes.

We help to improve practice and programmes by sharing learning, and designing and running a host of learning activities.

Our evidence and literature reviews work includes:

  • peer research training
  • action learning sets
  • good practice workshops and toolkits
  • masterclasses
  • seminars
  • virtual learning environments (VLEs)
  • conferences

Our approach

Through our range of advice, training and support activities we bring evaluation findings to life, helping you interpret them and discover their real-world application, so you can share them with the appropriate people and use them to effect positive change.

Other areas of expertise

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Identifying outcomes and impact though detailed expert analysis.

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Quantitative research

Achieving significant results using innovative data collection methods.

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Qualitative research

Promoting positive change through clear understanding of behaviour.

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Data analysis

Interpreting your data to deliver meaningful insight.

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Infographics and data visualisation

Bringing data to life through inspiring visual presentation.

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Behavioural insight research

Influencing behaviour through intelligent insights.

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Evidence and literature reviews

Exploring existing evidence to inform new ideas.

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