Interpreting your data to deliver meaningful insight

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Data analysis

We are highly skilled in working with primary and secondary survey data and very large national administrative datasets, and we bring substantial experience in merging, manipulating and analysing large datasets.

Our analysts use a wide repertoire of statistical and econometric techniques to get the best results.

Our data analysis work includes:

  • top-line descriptive analysis of frequencies and means
  • bivariate analysis to create cross tabulations and correlations
  • a wide range of multivariate analysis including different regression techniques, cluster analysis, factor analysis and CHAID
  • undertaking parametric and non-parametric tests to assess the statistical significance of findings
  • econometric analysis to assess impact through Propensity Score Matching and Difference-in-difference analysis, development of probit, spatial panel and fixed-effects regression models and cost-effectiveness analysis

Our approach

We are constantly updating our methodologies and practices so our outputs benefit from the latest ideas and techniques. This is complemented by our strong academic partnerships, which support our more complex and econometric approaches.

Other areas of expertise

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Identifying outcomes and impact though detailed expert analysis.

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Quantitative research

Achieving significant results using innovative data collection methods.

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Qualitative research icon

Qualitative research

Promoting positive change through clear understanding of behaviour.

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Infographics and data visualisation

Bringing data to life through inspiring visual presentation.

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Behavioural insight research icon

Behavioural insight research

Influencing behaviour through intelligent insights.

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Evidence and literature reviews icon

Evidence and literature reviews

Exploring existing evidence to inform new ideas.

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Learning and engagement

Optimising results from research and evaluation findings.

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