Influencing behaviour through intelligent insights

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Behavioural insight research

Understanding how customers, citizens and stakeholders are likely to respond to certain scenarios is often informed by insights from psychology and behavioural economics, and by finding out how they reacted to similar events in the past.

Behavioural methods can generate powerful insights into the motivations of a target audience can in relation to an outcome of interest. However, the application of behavioural insights isn’t all about trying to ‘nudge’ people to change their behaviour, but rather about understanding patterns of behaviour that can’t be explained by traditional economic models. Such work is beneficial in designing policies and interventions which align to the way people and organisations actually react in similar circumstances, rather how they say they will react.

Our behavioural insight research work includes:

  • designing, running and analysing behaviourally informed impact evaluations
  • conducting behaviourally informed qualitative interviews
  • addressing research questions from a behavioural perspective

Our approach

We’ve been at the forefront of applying behavioural economic theory to policy development for a number of years. We can help you understand the best strategies to use to learn more insightfully and accurately how your customers or target audiences are likely to react to new, improved or updated products or services.

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