CFE’s New Managing Director Appointed

We are delighted to announce Hayley Lamb as CFE’s new Managing Director. Hayley joined CFE eleven years ago as a Research Manager and quickly progressed through the organisation, assuming the role of Acting Managing Director in 2019. Hayley led the strategic direction of CFE’s wellbeing and education portfolios which have grown significantly in terms of the volume of work, and the scale, complexity and ambition of commissioned projects. CFE has become a leading evaluator of flagship government programmes to inform policy and practice.

Hayley said:

“I am delighted to be given the opportunity to lead CFE as we embark on our next chapter. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved throughout the past ten years as we have transitioned from a fledging research organisation to one of the UK’s leading social research agencies specialising in wellbeing, education and the economy. We have ambitions for more. We are investing in the latest tools and innovations in social research, expanding our technical skills to encompass new methods, and diversifying our outputs to ensure our clients continue to receive high-quality, impactful data driven research. I am incredibly fortunate to work with a highly skilled, dedicated and hardworking team committed to producing the very highest quality outputs; together, with CFE’s values at the core, I am confident that we will succeed.”